Who We Are

LoCo Science had its beginning in the fall of 2018 when brothers Andrew and David McNeeley sat down to discuss their futures. 

The brothers had moved to Humboldt County 5 years earlier, attracted by the natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle.

Exploring the ancient Redwoods and isolated coastlines of Northern California they found it easy to imagine Humboldt as a land forgotten by the outside world….But Humboldt was changing. Neither brother wanted to leave, but to stay they needed to adapt and in this way LoCo Science was born. 

LoCo Science’s mission is to provide the Lost Coast and all of America with easy access to high quality scientific equipment and supplies.

LoCo Science is different because they care. Every customer who walks through their door or visits this website is a friend. Only by working together can we all succeed! 

David McNeeley - CEO

“Big” Dave McNeeley is the CEO of LoCo Science. Less a “lab guy” and more an artist David loves playing his guitar, painting, gardening, raising chickens and most of all hanging out with his best friend Smokey. He has worked in retail most of his life and genuinely enjoys spending his day at the shop and helping everyone who walks through the door find what they need. David’s long term plan is to create an off grid self-sufficient homestead where he and his family can wait out the apocalypse.

Andrew McNeeley - CFO

Andrew McNeeley is the CIO and CFO of LoCo Science. Although not formally trained in the sciences Andrew found himself thrust into a laboratory environment and, much to his surprise, discovered that he got a kick out of the processes and equipment. Science is cool! Andrew is happily engaged to his best friend Sabee and they have two boys together. His ultimate goal is to download into a robot body and explore space for untold millennia with his Jaan.


Smokey “Shop Dog” McNeeley is David’s best friend and the official mascot/customer service representative for LoCo Science. He is a rescue dog, orphaned during Hurricane Joaquin. Smokey is a world class mutt and seems to be part Labrador, Rottweiler, Shepard, Border Collie, Burmese Mountain Dog, but his most defining trait is his ability to bring a smile to every face. His goal at work is to say hello to everyone who walks in and to grab as many head scratches as possible. Smokey continually strives to be the Employee of the Month and, by golly, he just keeps winning!!