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Apiezon AP101 is a great general purpose hydrocarbon grease that is free of silicone and used in both industrial and scientific settings. 

Apiezon AP101 Grease works well as a specialized, anti-seize grease while containing PTFE and giving both glass and metal surfaces protection from corrosion or fusion. This grease also has long lasting lubrication properties.  

Some of Apiezon AP101 Grease properties include: 

  • Great for use in low to medium vacuum with a vapor pressure of <10-5 Torr at 20°C. 
  • An effective protectant and lubricant for metal surfaces against corrosion and seizure due to its anti-seize properties. 
  • Can be a critical lubricant.  
  • Insoluble to most solvents such as alcohols, esters, ketones, and water. 
  • Protects against alkali solutions and aqueous acids, alcoholic alkali solutions, and corrosive gases. 
  • Operates under a wide array of temperatures. 
  • Does not creep or carry over like silicone based greases will. 
  • Can be cleaned or removed with a mix of hot water and aqueous glassware detergent or a hydrocarbon solution 
  • Sold in 50g tubes. 

Recommended Use of Apiezon AP101 Grease 

Apiezon AP101 Grease is typically recommended for use to maintain smooth operation of taps or stopcocks in both the industrial and scientific fields since it features superior anti-seize properties. It also works well as a general purpose grease with glassware as it helps to easily separate ground or polished glass joints. 

It is also recommended to use with metal components as it is effective in protecting against corrosion or seizure especially as it only requires small amounts for such purposes.

This grease also does well at sealing joints and use as critical lubrication in the case of highly stressed bearings. 

With its capability to avoid creep or carry over, AP101 Grease also reduces the likelihood of sample contamination which is found to be helpful for the processes of infra-red and mass spectrometry. It is also recommended for metal deposition and paint spraying processes as it helps create better coverage and adherence of paint. 

To find out more about Apiezon AP101 Grease you can find the Technical Sheet here or the Safety Data Sheet here. 

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