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Apiezon L Grease both halogen and silicone free making it suitable for a variety of applications in the industrial and scientific fields. 

This grease can be used in ultra-high vacuum environments because it maintains the best vapor pressure out of all Apiezon offerings. It is also a grease regularly used by various international organizations such as NASA, NATO, and the European Space Agency. 

Designed for use at ambient temperatures (usually between 10 to 30°C or 50 to 86°F), this grease is unsuitable for high temperatures. Generally recommended for high temperature applications are Apiezon AP101 Grease or Apiezon H Grease. 


Some of Apiezon L Grease properties include: 

  • The best vapor pressure of all Apiezon products at 7 x 10-11 Torr at 20°C. 
  • Similar to the AP101 Grease, L Grease does not creep or carryover as it is free from silicone additives. 
  • Has great lubrication abilities. 
  • Recommended for use at 10 to 30°C or 50 to 86°F. 
  • Radiation resistant. 
  • Can help absorb grease and chemical impurities on metal and glass surfaces which can be potentially harmful. 
  • Offers a simple cleaning and removal process since it is soluble in hydrocarbon solvents. 
  • Sold in 25g tubes. 


Recommended Use of Apiezon L Grease 

L Grease is most commonly recommended for sealing and lubrication applications as it can be used in conjunction with ultra-high vacuum, exhibits great lubrication properties, and is resistant to radiation. Its use is seen for a wide variety of processes in both industrial and scientific settings. 

This grease was created to provide great lubrication without losing its ability to maintain an efficient gas seal. Because of this, it is commonly used with high performance vacuum pumps whether in the manufacturing or servicing process. 

With its capability to avoid creep or carry over, L Grease also reduces the likelihood of sample contamination which is found to be helpful for the processes of infra-red and mass spectrometry. It is also recommended for metal deposition and paint spraying processes as it helps create better coverage and adherence of paint. 

L Grease's ability to resist radiation comes from its halogen-free design. While other vacuum greases, like those containing esters, halogenated paraffins, or silicones, will decompose with radiation levels of 0.1 MGy or below, L Grease demonstrates only a small increase of stiffness (when experiencing radiation levels of 4 MeV electrons to 1 MGy), and maintains its ability to function as a great lubrication. 

To find out more about Apiezon L Grease you can find the Technical Sheet here or the Safety Data Sheet here. 

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