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Apiezon N Grease with its silicone free design is well known and highly recommended as the cryogenic choice for vacuum grease. 

N Grease was formulated specifically as a cryogenic grease which features craze-free performance qualities at low temperatures (down to -273°C) and can withstand cycling up to +30°C frequently. 


Some of Apiezon N Grease properties include: 

  • Ability to withstand cycling from -273°C to +30°C. 
  • Maintains an ability to be craze-free at cryogenic temperatures which helps prevent cracking and fracture within a material. 
  • Can help improve thermal contact by filling the micropores of the adjoining surfaces. 
  • Features a vapor pressure of 6 x 10-10 Torr at 20°C. 
  • Similar to the AP101 Grease, N Grease does not creep or carryover as it is free from silicone additives. 
  • Can help absorb grease and chemical impurities on metal and glass surfaces which can be potentially harmful. 
  • Offers a simple cleaning and removal process since it is soluble in hydrocarbon solvents. 
  • Sold in 25g tubes. 


Recommended Use of Apiezon N Grease 

Often a first choice as a heat transfer medium and sealant for low temperature environments. Because it will be pliable at room temperature and frozen solid at cryogenic temperatures, N Grease can help with setting and removing samples without incurring damage.  

Also a great option in the testing crystals, laser diodes, semiconductor chips, and other similar components at low temperatures, as it will help improve the thermal contact between the cold finger of a cryostat and the sample boat. Therefore, N grease can help ensure that samples are going down to the lowest possible temperatures to increase the test sensitivity.  

This grease can also be used when cushioning is needed at ambient temperatures due to a special additive that gives the grease a rubbery, tenacious consistency so that it will absorb vibrations in fragile equipment, such as burette traps or glass to glass joints, to minimize the risk of fracture. 


To find out more about Apiezon N Grease you can find the Technical Sheet here or the Safety Data Sheet here. 

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