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Apiezon Q Compound sealant provides a short-term solution for an effective, temporary seal when the situation does allow for immediate repair or dismantling of a vacuum system  

Some of Apiezon PFPE 501 Grease properties include: 

  • Effective temporary vacuum sealant. 
  • Great waterproof medium. 
  • Easy clean up and removal. 
  • Versatile product suitable for a multitude of uses 
  • Ambient temperatures (10 to 30°C) 
  • 10 year shelf life 
  • Available to buy in 1kg containers. 


Recommended Use of Apiezon Q Compound 

Apiezon Q Compound sealant is typically used to temporarily cap off parts of a system, around edges to seal flat unground joints, with glass cylinders to seal them to metal plates in order to create temporary vacuum enclosures. This compound incredibly versatile as it is the ideal leak sealant in a wide array of uses, environments, and industries whether it comes to sealing joints, filling in any holes, or stopping gaps. 


To find out more about Apiezon Q Compound you can find the Technical Sheet here or the Safety Data Sheet here. 

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