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Lost a nut for your high-pressure clamp and don’t want to buy a whole new piece? Purchase a pack of these Replacement Brass Nuts to help create an airtight, sanitary seal between fittings. These brass nuts are corrosion resistant for a long-lasting hold onto the bolted clamps. Each nut will work in a high-pressure scenario where temperatures will fluctuate and is designed to work with Tri-Clamp fitting connections.


High-pressure replacement brass nuts are ⅜”-16 thread with ⅝” wrench flats. Be careful not to overtighten the nut or you may risk overcompression that will cause the gasket to fail. When used properly, a Replacement Brass Nut will help create a tight, leak-free seal between fittings.


Used with a bolt and stainless steel or brass nut, the Replacement Washer is the finishing touch on your Tri-Clamp fitting connection. The washer replaces any lost or damaged washers in your high-pressure clamp system. Designed to withstand the brunt of the load, the washer is a durable piece that will complete the connection for an airtight, leak-free seal.


These replacement washers are designed to stand up to fluctuating temperatures and high-pressure. One will keep a seal tight even in the harshest conditions.


Replacement set includes:

  • 4 Brass Nuts
  • 4 Washers

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