Sanitary Spool 1.5" x 6" | LoCo Science

LoCo ScienceSKU: LS-TC-SPOOL-015-06

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Ideal for use with Tri-Clamp applications, the 1.5" x 6" Nonjacketed Spool works to connect clamps and fittings with gaskets and hoses. The stainless steel composition is designed to withstand high-pressure systems and prevent corrosion and damage in fluctuating temperatures. When clamped to other Tri-Clamp fittings and gaskets, the spool will create an airtight seal and prevent leaks. These spools are more efficient and convenient than welded tubing, and users can customize their configuration with ease. There is no welding or fabrication necessary with a stainless steel nonjacketed spool.

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